How To Fix My Brother Printer Not Printing?

How To Fix My Brother Printer Not Printing?

Why Is Brother Printer Not Printing On PC ?

If your Brother printer stops printing on your Windows or Mac computer, this Article is for you. Here, we have explained everything on steps to troubleshooting fixing printer errors. Thereby, we have further explained the issue of Brother printer not printing Black and not printing Color.

Check Why My Brother Printing Is Not Printing Anything ?

Brother Printer Not Printing Due to ‘Offline’ Issue

Check the printer setting and see if its set in the offline mode. If that is happening, your printer may stop working. To change the setting, here is what you need to do –

  • Click on the start button of your computer.
  • Go to settings.
  • Then click on devices and under ‘devices’ and click on ‘printers and scanners’. 
  • Now select the printer you are using. 
  •  Right click on the printer.
  • Click on ‘see what’s printing’ option from the dropdown menu. 
  • Select ‘printer’ option from the upper left corner. 
  • A dropdown menu will appear. Now unselect ‘use printer offline’ option.
  • Ensure that the ‘use printer offline’ option is unchecked. 
Brother Printer Not Printing

Brother Printer Troubleshooting For ‘Not Printing’ Issue By Checking Port

Firstly ensure that your Brother printer is connected to the right port. Incase if its not, follow these steps-

Click the start button on your PC.
Go to settings.
Then ,click on devices and select ‘printer & scanners’.
Now select devices and printers.

Brother Printer Not Printing
  • From the device list, select the printer you are using and right-click on it.
  • From the dropdown menu select ‘properties’.
  • Under properties, select ‘change properties’ from the general section.
  • Thereafter, select the ’ports’ option and click on the port which contains your printer name.
  • Hurray! Your Issues are Fixed Now Browse More For Help.
Brother Printer Not Printing
Finally, click on ‘apply’ to complete the process.  For Any Help Related To Brother Printer Support Call Us

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