Canon Printer In Error State – Guide On How to Fix It.

Canon Printer In Error State – Guide On How to Fix It.

Complete Guide on your Canon Printer in Error State. Why Does it Happen? There Can be Multiple Reasons Behind it. It Could Be Because of “Canon Printer Offline”, “Canon Printer Driver Outdated” , Canon Printer not set as “Default Printer” or may Port Issues.

How can I get my printer out of an error state?

1. Ensure that ‘Canon printer must be in online mode’ 

  • Firstly, go the the Windows Search Bar on your PC and type Control Panel and hit Enter.
  • Then, select option ‘Device and Printer>Choose your Printer Mode’
  • If the printer is in Offline state, do the right click on it and uncheck the option ‘Use Printer Offline’
  • By applying these Tips and tricks, your printer will be ready in online mode and your error state in Canon printer issue will be resolved.

2. Make ports settings changes

  • Press the Windows logo key + R on your keyboard > type devmgmt.msc and hit Enter to open the Device Manager
  • Click View on the top menu > select Show hidden devices
  • Right-click Ports (COM & LPT) > select Proprieties
  • Open the Port settings tab in the Properties window
  • Select Use any interrupt assigned to the port
  • Check the box next to Enable legacy Plug and Play detection > click OK
  • Reboot your computer and see if it fixed the issue

3. Faulty or Outdated Driver – Update the Printer Driver

  • Open the Device Management window by using CMD > devmgmt.msc from the Run dialog box
  • Now, from the Device Management Window, navigate to print queue category and expand it.
  • Thereafter, click right on the printer device and then choose Update Driver on the menu.
  • To continue, click the ‘Automatically search for updated driver software’ option  and restart your PC
  • Now the error state problem in your Canon printer should be resolved.

Frequently Asked Questions for Printer Error State

  •  How do I get my printer out of error state?

You need to change port settings and make sure that your printer is Online. Here’s the complete, step-by-step guide to fix this problem.

  •  What is a printer error?

A printer error means that the printer is unable to perform the printing job that you assigned to it because of an error. Here’s what to do if your printer won’t print in Windows 10.

  •  What causes printer error?

There are myriads of reasons why a printer error may appear. Even the lack of paper and ink can produce an error. The data cable (or wireless connection) and drivers may also cause problems.