How To Fix Hp Printer Missing Faded Dull Colors Issue?

How To Fix Hp Printer Missing Faded Dull Colors Issue?

Problem :

The printer is working, but colors in the printed output are missing, faded, or dull in comparison to the original. Check the paper to make sure you are using the correct paper type for the project. If the paper is too fibrous, the ink applied by the printer might not fully cover the print surface. Check Steps For HP Printer Ink Issue.

hp printer ink issue

Step 2 – Check your printer settings

  • In the program being used for printing, click File, and then click Print.
  • The Print window opens.
  • Make sure the appropriate product is selected, and then click Preferences or Properties.
  • The Preferences/Properties window opens.
  • Click the Printing Shortcuts tab.
  • Consider modifying some or all of the options in the Printing Shortcuts menu to increase print quality.
  • Print quality: If the quality of the printouts is not acceptable, try increasing the print quality. To print more quickly, try decreasing the print quality.
  • Paper type: If one of the options matches the paper type exactly, select it instead of Automatic.
  • Paper size: Make sure that this option matches the paper loaded in the product.
  • To see additional options, click the Advanced tab, and then click Advanced Features.
  • The Advanced Features window opens. Consider changing the following option:
  • Ink volume: Adjust the amount of ink that prints on a page. For lighter images (less ink), drag the slider to the left. For darker images (more ink), drag the slider to the right. The lighter the ink volume, the more quickly the printout dries.

Step 3 – Print a diagnostic page

Make sure the printer is on and loaded with unused, plain, white paper.
Press and hold the Power button, then click the Cancel button once. Then release both buttons. The diagnostic page prints.

Step 4: Note which cartridges printed which areas of the diagnostic page

Identify which cartridge printed which part of the diagnostic page, so that if you find defects on the page, you know which cartridge is the problem.
However, you can install different combinations of ink cartridges in your printer, and different cartridge combinations print different diagnostic page patterns. The diagnostic page might not look exactly like the example presented here, but the right and left cartridges print in the same areas of the page no matter which cartridges are installed.

Step 5 – Check ink levels

Look in the middle of the diagnostic page. The bars with “E” (for “empty”) and “F” (for “full”) at each end show the ink levels in the cartridges. As ink is used, the solid color changes to a faded color.

Step 6: Look for defects

In general, if the printer and ink cartridges are working properly, the patterns (which look like grids of lines) should contain few or no missing lines. Also, the colors of the patterns and bars should be approximately the same as the color dots on the ink cartridge label.

Missing lines or streaked bars
If a pattern shows more than a few missing lines, or a bar is streaked, that ink cartridge is not functioning properly.

Colors do not match the color on the cartridge label

If the color of the patterns or bars is very different from the color dots on the cartridge label, the cartridge is not functioning properly.

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